Friday was payday. $279 for the week (4 days of work between 2 jobs). I ended up getting a new straight talk phone, which means my car insurance will be paid 4 days late cuz that will have to wait until next Friday, when I get paid again. 

Had trouble getting the phone activated.  Chatted online with a help tech on the straight talk website who was no real help. Brought the phone back to Walmart and an employee got wifi going but just my luck, it stopped working as soon as I left the store. Today 1 of the guys at “The Well” got the wifi working for me.

This new phone still doesn’t work everywhere in the city, like my old phone did. This is unfortunate because I have to use google maps alot while driving around. This morning I got lost trying to get to the well. But finally found a street I recognized and made it there in time for coffee

Now I don’t know if there was a full moon last night, or the rainy weather, or something in the drinking water but people were freaking out and yelling at invisible people this morning.                Lady sitting on black sofa is usually quiet but today wasn’t a good day for her.

Seeing as I have weekends off from work right now, I only come to the well 2 days a week. I was lucky enough to use a washer yesterday to do all my laundry. Today I donated a small bag of clothes to the shelter.  

Well I am parked at Walmart again for the night. It’s about a 3-5 minute drive to work in the morning. Walmart has 1 of the cheapest gas stations in Brunswick, so I have to remember to fill the gas tank before work.