I stayed in the Walmart parking lot last night..parked next to this small RV. The driver is Mark. He came here from Savannah.  He was nice enough to make ne coffee before I had to leave for work. 

Mark came back to Walmart last night and cooked me dinner. It was funny-strange eating a hot meal while sitting in the Walmart parking lot. He also told me that the wifi is better at Lowe’s..so that’s where I am sitting to type this.

Another lady, Donna, sent me a text to ask if I could budget $690/month for rent..which would include utilities. She assumed that just because I bring home about $250-$280 every week that it was do-able.  Hmm, I had to tell her that my car insurance is $115(unless I pay it late then $10extra), my phone cost $55 a month, and gas is about $40+ a week…depending on how much I drive around or sit with car running just to charge my phone.

115+55+160==$330 plus $690 for that rent would be $1,020. So any month that I only bring home $250 each week would mean I would be $20 short. No Thanks, I will continue sleeping in my car for free and try to save money. Seeing as I am short (5’3.5″) I can sleep just fine in the back of my car. Laundry at “the well” is free, and after I join the gym for $10 or $15 a month, I can shower there before work.