Another One Bites The Dust

  1. For Memorial Day weekend,  I went Kingsland to spend time with my aunt. Came back up to Brunswick on Monday to do laundry at “The Well”. 
  1. Seeing as Monday was a holiday,  going to work was optional and I did not sign up to work. Sometime around lunch time, I not an email telling me that my assignment for the temp job in the warehouse had ended. Which means I am unemployed again. So I had to start looking online for a new job. I lost track of how many different $stores I applied to… Dollar General, Dollar Tree, & Family Dollar. Seeing as home is wherever I park my car I applied to stores all over the state. Then yesterday I applied to a bunch of different Walmart stores. Figured that if I got a job at any Walmart then I could save time getting to work & save gas money seeing as I sleep in their parking lot so much.

    Today at “The Well” a nice lady named Miss Mary came in for a..women’s group..just to see how the women at the day shelter were doing and to see what resources we needed. She gave me a couple of ideas and I will be checking them out. Miss Mary has this group meeting every Wednesday but it’s the first one I attended.

    Below is my picture from today. Taken beside a  nearby church that serves breakfast a few times a week. Not sure what the flowers are called.


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