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Wonderful walk this Morning 

I have left my car parked near the Salvation Army shelter and their church. First I didn’t want to run out of gas to far away but then earlier this week I realized that I was having other problems when my car was steaming like a mad dragon.

So this morning I went walking around to see if any downtown businesses had any job openings. Course my walking distance might not be as far as most people’s because I walk slow and get tired easily.  I returned my application into Subway. Then started walking down a street that I had driven down a few times but never took the time to stop and enjoy.

Funny how you can drive somewhere a hundred times and never see it. Today I took a leisurely stroll and found quite a few wonderful spots.

Not sure what the flowers are below but they smelled wonderful. I probably never even knew they were there when I drive by this area.


Morning with the Homeless

A few of the homeless trying to wake up with coffee and figure out what to do with their day.. The homeless in Brunswick, Georgia never have to starve.. There are a bunch of organizations that will give out free meals . Might not be the best meal but usually it’s eatable. 

 I didn’t get to the Manna House today for lunch but I heard the soup and chickrn salad they served was good. I was busy so i had crackers with peanut butter & a sprite in my car.


I am one of those people who hates filling in tons of applications and never hearing back from anyone. On the rare chance I get an interview, I always get asked about the fact that I move alot.

So I think I came up with a way to fix part of the problem. Course I have had a few ex-coworkers tell me to just stay with the national park system because moving around is considered normal.

One of my old room-mates is trying to get me to work with her in Custer State Park. Hmm, I did like South Dakota before. I just need to find a way to get enough gas money to drive there. Then I could relax for a few months until the season was over.

Tomorrow morning I will go back to the temp agency “staff zone” and see what they have for day labor. If I can work for them for about 4 days then I would have enough to leave.

UPDATE: a few hours after posting this blog, ( after I had applied to 1 company in several different states) I got a call from a woman in the company in AZ asking if I had time for a phone interview tomorrow.  Still never understand why people call you on the phone to set up a phone interview for another day…why not just do the interview when they call the first time.

Oh well, I can wait I guess.

Manna House

This is a place that serves lunch everyday to the homeless and any low-income people in the downtown area of Brunswick. I have driven by the place many times but today was the first time I ever ate lunch there. It might not look like much but its more then what I usually eat for lunch. We got a turkey & ham sandwich to take with us when we left. Course we got the traditional Southern drink..sweet tea.

The blonde lady is a volunteer named Robin, she has worked the lunch crowd for the last year. She came to Georgia from Northern Kentucky. The 2 guys I see often at “The Well”, which is just a short walk away from the Manna House.

I found other Manna House’s around the state of Georgia. Not sure if the others only serve lunch. Usually the homeless crowd that I know here go to the Salvation Army for dinner at 5:30. I have not eaten there.

Right now, I am parked near the Goodwill thrift store. I need to organize the back of my car and donate some of my clothes to them. The clutter is driving me insane.

Never Enough

It’s called the daily grind, so many demands. 

Only time I see money is when it exchanges hands

See I’m working to pay bills with little left
Robbing Peter to pay Paul, such a funny concept

See these things we buy, they can’t go with you
“Wouldn’t that look good in the house?” is how they get you

So when you’ve filled all the rooms with this must have stuff 
You feel blessed and privileged but it’s never enough

I need one more thing and then I’ll be set
Cause it’s about the now, who cares about debt

Post pictures online for friends affirmations
Likes roll in, just a cyber sensation

Some people might say that I’ve lost it all
Living in my car so cramped and small 

I might be at my low, but I feel so high
A simple life that money can’t buy.


Live your Life for You

Once we get out of high school, most of us are 18 years old and technically an adult…even though some people don’t act like it. By that age you should have been taught that every single one of your actions have consequences.  If you don’t like the consequences then don’t do the actions. But don’t do the actions and then turn around and whine about whatever negative result happens because of your actions. 

Sometimes you have to repeat an action a few dozen times to get the desired result. But if you know what you want, then make sure that every action is something that will move you toward your desired goal. If you give up after 2 or 3 attempts then that must mean the goal wasn’t very important in the first place. So in reality it wasn’t a goal but just a flimsy fantasy.

I had gotten a message from my aunt today, that set me off to post a few memes on facebook.

 Now I had seen them before and absolutely love both. Course my aunt doesn’t agree with my life choices and I don’t agree with hers. My aunt is 69 years old, old enough to live anyway she wants but I ain’t getting roped in to pay for her lifestyle. At 69 she can pay for her own shop-a-holic habits., and if her need to shop means the electric bill is paid late or she still has no money to move…well she needs to deal with those consequences on her own. See being an adult gives us the ability to live our own life but it doesn’t mean that you can have a temper tantrum because someone else won’t fix your mistake.

Oh yes, at the moment my life is unconventional but that’s my choice. Nobody has to agree with my choices right now because nobody else is living my life or paying for me to live it my way. I guess I have always done or thought things a bit different then most people I knew. But hey, being different works for me. Besides I think most of society is a bit crazy.