Never Enough

It’s called the daily grind, so many demands. 

Only time I see money is when it exchanges hands

See I’m working to pay bills with little left
Robbing Peter to pay Paul, such a funny concept

See these things we buy, they can’t go with you
“Wouldn’t that look good in the house?” is how they get you

So when you’ve filled all the rooms with this must have stuff 
You feel blessed and privileged but it’s never enough

I need one more thing and then I’ll be set
Cause it’s about the now, who cares about debt

Post pictures online for friends affirmations
Likes roll in, just a cyber sensation

Some people might say that I’ve lost it all
Living in my car so cramped and small 

I might be at my low, but I feel so high
A simple life that money can’t buy.



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