This is a place that serves lunch everyday to the homeless and any low-income people in the downtown area of Brunswick. I have driven by the place many times but today was the first time I ever ate lunch there. It might not look like much but its more then what I usually eat for lunch. We got a turkey & ham sandwich to take with us when we left. Course we got the traditional Southern drink..sweet tea.

The blonde lady is a volunteer named Robin, she has worked the lunch crowd for the last year. She came to Georgia from Northern Kentucky. The 2 guys I see often at “The Well”, which is just a short walk away from the Manna House.

I found other Manna House’s around the state of Georgia. Not sure if the others only serve lunch. Usually the homeless crowd that I know here go to the Salvation Army for dinner at 5:30. I have not eaten there.

Right now, I am parked near the Goodwill thrift store. I need to organize the back of my car and donate some of my clothes to them. The clutter is driving me insane.