I am one of those people who hates filling in tons of applications and never hearing back from anyone. On the rare chance I get an interview, I always get asked about the fact that I move alot.

So I think I came up with a way to fix part of the problem. Course I have had a few ex-coworkers tell me to just stay with the national park system because moving around is considered normal.

One of my old room-mates is trying to get me to work with her in Custer State Park. Hmm, I did like South Dakota before. I just need to find a way to get enough gas money to drive there. Then I could relax for a few months until the season was over.

Tomorrow morning I will go back to the temp agency “staff zone” and see what they have for day labor. If I can work for them for about 4 days then I would have enough to leave.

UPDATE: a few hours after posting this blog, ( after I had applied to 1 company in several different states) I got a call from a woman in the company in AZ asking if I had time for a phone interview tomorrow.  Still never understand why people call you on the phone to set up a phone interview for another day…why not just do the interview when they call the first time.

Oh well, I can wait I guess.


  1. Good luck with your interview tomorrow. I’ve been trying to keep up with you on the FB groups. If you don’t move on out of state. There is a Manna house here in Hinesville and lots of new companies hiring along with temp companies in the area as well. Let me know how you’re doing if you want to.

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