It might be to overly processed for some people but I grew up always hearing “beggars can’t be choosers”. Mom meant, don’t be so picky and learn to be happy with whatever is on your plate. Course Mom would also tell me that starving kids in Africa would love any meal that I didn’t want to eat. I remember being punished when I tried to hand her back a plate so she could mail it to Africa. I still don’t understand how my eating or not eating, has any affect on people in another country. (Sorry Mom but I am still picky & opinionated about food)

Anyway, I forgot that today was Saturday. .which is the day the homeless people receive a free yummy breakfast downtown, from a remarkable old lady who spends her own money going to 2 different restaurants to get enough (more than enough) to feed about 40 people. Usually I give a friend a ride over to the breakfast spot but hopefully he rode his bike over seeing as I did not go today.

Today I decided to give my car a break from driving all over town. I am parked at Walmart again ( even though my daughter says nobody lives at Walmart.) Actually I am having some major car issues. So while I am here I had lunch in the car

That white thermos looking thing heats up water just fine for noodles, coffee, and instant oatmeal. I bought it at a truck stop. They have all kinds of nifty gadgets for truckers. Well truckers ain’t the only ones living on the roads. If the gadgets work in a big truck then they will work in my Isuzu, as long as I can plug them into the cigarette lighter. See even non-smokers can use the lighter space in their vehicle.