New Job

Technically my job title is: Special Events Demonstrator. In actuality I will be one of the food sample ladies at Sam’s Club.

I found the job listed in one of my groups on Facebook. See Facebook can be good for something besides dirty laundry/ drama.

Well today I got a notice with my info to go get my drug test. Except with my lack of gas, I have to wait and get my 3 day paycheck from Subway first. I can’t pick up that check until 3:30pm Tomorrow,  so after cashing it and getting gas it will be to late to go to the labcorp. Which means I can only do the drug test the day before I start this new job.

Yes I realize that I hadn’t posted much about the Subway job. Well I only worked there for 3 days…on 4th of July weekend. So 4 weeks later and I am still waiting for my paycheck.

This new food samples job looked pretty easy, casual and stress free. How hard can it be to ask customers if they want to try juice, cut up fruit, sausages, rolled up lunch meat, or whatever cooked item that they are promoting?
The job is technically part-time with about 6 hours a day. Most people work between 3-6 days a week. It pays $11/hour; and when you are in a state that has a minimum wage of $7.25 then $11/ hour seems like you just won a jackpot.

So far my car is hanging on even if I did have to get a Walmart employee give me a jump start yesterday. I have been trying to estimate future paychecks so I can get some work done on the car. So if anyone reading this is the praying-type of person, then pray for my car.


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