My friend Cindy drove down from Michigan to spend a few days with me before I head back to Arizona.  She arrived early..woke me up just after midnight on Friday morning. So we went to breakfast at Waffle House, then went to her hotel to sleep.

After getting enough rest we went to check out the water at St Simons Island.  Was pleasantly surprised to  find a pelican sitting on the pier. First time that I had ever seen one so close.

We both picked up a few seashells from the beach. We didn’t stay very long because my old legs were tired. One of the guys fishing/ crabbing showed us his bucket full of crabs.

In all the time I have been in GA, I never did get to find the “tree spirits”, which are carvings in 7 trees scattered around the island. One website mentioned 20 carvings, but either it exaggerated or most of them got destroyed.  Seeing as I never saw any, I found some pics online….

On Saturday,  we went to a rice plantation. Growing up in New England all I remember learning in school is that there were cotton plantations  and slaves worked in cotton fields. Obviously there were vegetable farms also…at least corn because grits is a Southern favorite at every meal. Now if I had asked my mother for corn-on-the corn-on for breakfast she would of thought I lost my mind, but people in the south love corn enough to have it for every meal. 

Anyways, the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation has been on my bucket list since I came to Brunswick and learned that it existed. Not sure what I was expecting but maybe just more then what I saw.  Maybe I judge historical places to one’s I went to in New England with my kids…working places where volunteers dressed up in costume and actually preformed some chore. Most of the buildings were dirty and run-down.  At one time there were over 350 slaves on this plantation but I didn’t see slave quarters to hold that many people.  Our recent hurricane had done very minor damage to some trees near the rice fields.