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Housemates and Work

(Sunday) Jess had gotten here around November 11, 2017, after 1.5- 2 weeks working in Wickenburg. She was supposed to be a supervisor in Starbucks but she ended up breaking her leg and having to work in the general store as a cashier. But she wasn’t happy living in Tusayan so she put in her 2-week notice after getting another job offer in Oregon. Then a few days later I heard her mention that the 2-month job got moved to somewhere in Northern California. After that job, I think she still plans on working in the Tetons for the Summer. Well Jess finally left (before the 2 weeks notice was up). Geez, and my family complains about me being flighty/irresponsible and moving around so much…lol.

The picture above is of Jess, when she came into the store on a day off. The cashier is another housemate that has been here 2.5 years.

My roommate, Arlene, has a job offer to work in Shenandoah National Park for a long Summer season. So she will be leaving around February 24th. She has to drive up to Washington first to get her Summer clothes before she meets a friend in Colorado and they both drive across the country to Virginia.

So for now I will have Tuesday and Wednesday off, instead of Monday and Tuesday. So today should have been my Friday but I will have 1 extra night to work before my weekend. Unfortunately it won’t count towards overtime because the pay week ends tonight. Oh, Oh, if anyone is wondering about the extra money on my last paycheck…it was because we got holiday pay for Marin Luther King DAY. I didn’t realize that was a paid holiday before.

Arlene let me know that because Jess is gone and she plans on leaving in less than a month. Emma and Sandra will be moving into the new Starbucks housing soon. That she overheard some of our company bigwigs talking about getting some international kids in to work for a 3-4 month season, starting February 21st. So far I have not heard anything about the jobs I applied for inside the national park yet.

(Tuesday) Oh so thankful for a day off. Even if the only productive thing I do all day is laundry. Last evening while at work I wasn’t feeling good, so I am just taking it easy today. Because I wasn’t feeling well at work yesterday I forgot to ask about getting sick pay for the 2 days I missed, which means that the next paycheck will be alot smaller. Emma and Sandra are both cooking lunch now, so they either worked an early morning shift or have the day off also.


Spinning Out of Control

( Wednesday) Was the ground moving, was I moving? Before I could figure out what was going on I found myself laid-out on the snowy driveway. This happened twice on my way to work. I had a headache and sore knee by the time I arrived at work.

My supervisor found out I was dizzy and fell on the way to work so he had a co-worker drive me to the clinic in the park. I had just been there 2 weeks earlier for the flu and an ear infection. Now I got a case of vertigo which the doctor suspects was brought on from the ear infection. I had been given an antibiotic called “Azithromycin”. On the information paper that came with the antibiotic, it mentioned allergic reactions…and guess What! Severe dizziness was on the list of reactions. So did the ear infection cause it like the doctor assumed or was it caused by the medicine he prescribed? Or was it just me being the usual clutzy scatterbrain that I am?

The co-worker took me back to work, so I could give the supervisor the note saying I could return to work in 2 days. Hopefully, I get paid for 2 sick days. While I was at the store, I bought ice cream and Gatorade because the doctor told me to stay hydrated while I rested at home. Somehow on the walk back home I did something to my foot/ankle. It hurt like hell to move or even flex my toes.

When my roommate got home a few hours later, she lent me some aspercreme with lidocaine to rub all over my ankle. WOW that stuff worked great. I even ordered some on amazon for under $7. While I was on amazon I started looking for other stuff that I thought I needed and/or wanted. I was surprised at how fast I can come up with an order for $100. I ended up deleting half the order. One good thing about terrible wifi service…gives you time to change your mind about shopping online before you get the chance to click a button that will send an order in.

It was just a few days ago that I was thinking about budgets and saving money. Well I did admit before that my money usually went to Amazon and food eaten out somewhere. Not much I can do about the food issue at the moment, but I really need to get my online shopping under control. If my wifi connection would stay on long enough, I could check my bank account to see exactly what I spent at Amazon this month…but that will have to wait until my day off when I can use McDonald’s wifi.

(Friday/Payday) I just checked for my paycheck online. Wow was I ever surprised… $434.17 for 1 week. Someone messed up somewhere. $10.50 X 40/hrs==$420 before rent and taxes are taken out. So how in the world did I get more? I will find out when I go into work today at 1pm, and receive the actual paycheck stub. But I am hoping that they don’t it out of next week’s check to correct their mistake. Actually I will have to put in for 2 sick days.

Quiet Day Off

I rolled out of bed at 7am, after playing games on my tablet for awhile. Still had to be quiet so that my roommate could sleep. So I went to the kitchen to heat water in the microwave for coffee…decided to add a little Swiss Miss Chocolate powder to my coffee. Usually 1 packet of chocolate powder goes into 4 cups of coffee so it lasts awhile.

My roommate got up, dressed for work and was out the door around 10:35am. By noon I figured that most of the housemates would be gone to work so I warmed up some soup in the microwave and started my laundry.

Around 2:30pm, after remaking my bed, I finally decided to jump in the shower. With the house to myself I actually had time to shave my legs without worrying about anyone knocking on the bathroom door. For now, (until my schedule gets changed next week) Tuesday’s has been the only day I allowed myself that luxury. Good thing that I don’t own any shorts right now.

With nobody around to complain about the smell, I took the time to change my nails polish. Took off the teal color and am now wearing very pale pink (almost clear). At least the color is light enough so nobody can really tell if I did a sloppy job of putting it on. I don’t have lots of practice wearing nail polish.

Now I am thinking of watching a DVD movie. I have Home Alone 3, which I have never seen. I’m a little skeptical about it being as good as the first two. But hopefully it will be good for a few laughs. Hopefully the store is busy today or else my roommate might get sent home early before my movie is over.

So If anyone is looking for me online anywhere, sorry you won’t find me because I will be held up in bed snacking on pork rinds and coconut water while watching a movie.

Debts, Budgets and Saving Money

It seems like I can be spontaneous and get some crazy idea to buy something that I could live without ( which means something that I don’t really NEED). Mostly I get these crazy ideas when I am bored or when I am in any stores with friends. One solution is don’t go to shopping in town with friends. It’s easier to walk out of a store if I am not waiting for someone else who is taking forever to shop.

I have been wanting to save money for:

1. New eye glasses, 2. Alternative Naturopathy Doctor in Flagstaff, 3. Online school, 4. A car (preferably a van/roadtrek), 5. Land

The glasses might be a “need”, the others could be considered a “want”…depending on where I am living. But as long as I want them, then I should figure out a way to pay for them.

Every now and then, I have a friend that will post something on facebook that came from the debt-guru, Dave Ramsey. Well today I decided to download 2 of his kindle books, along with a few other books on the subject. One is called “How to manage your money when you don’t have any”. That title actually made me laugh, because I am thinking…well that’s easy, no money means nothing to manage. But after starting to read the book, it’s obvious that the writer has never been homeless in GA, and lived on no money…zip, zilch, Nada, nothing, NO MONEY. Hmm, I wonder what advice the writer would give my friends in GA.

Another book I downloaded was “The no spend challenge guide”, well now that sounds like a title that my friends in GA could write. I haven’t checked the book out to see what it’s really about yet. But I will assume it’s like most and that any advice you get from a person who has any money will always be different from advice you get from a person with no money.

Yes I have had my job since right after Thanksgiving, so at this moment I have a little bit of money. But not enough to last me half a month without my job. I am lucky enough to live in a state with a minimum wage of $10.50/hour. My rent of $30/week ($120/month) is automatically deducted from my pay. That includes rent, utilities, cable (or dish tv??), and free crappy wifi. Unfortunately it also includes 6 housemates with 1 kitchen. Its employee housing, so the housing comes with the job. Not many places in the USA, that will allow you to live somewhere for so cheap. I know others that actually pay over $1,000 just for the rent and then about that much again for all their utilities combined. Now that’s totally ridiculous and high way robbery.

For the most part I like my job, but I don’t like the housing situation. I have applied for a transfer into the park, (2 different locations) in the village I would live in a dorm-style building. I could live without a car in the village and not worry about budgeting for that now. If I get back to Desert View then I would live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my own bathroom, but would definitely need a car.

I am getting tired of having to re-buy the same things everytime I move. Who wants to budget for things like pillows, bedding and kitchen supplies every 3-6-9 Months? Which really make big moves so ridiculous, because in the long run I end up losing money instead of saving it

I also have a bad habit of being spontaneous and just leaving this area all-together and ending up in some unknown place which doesn’t work out very well financially. So I end up back at the Grand Canyon eventually because it’s my safety net, it’s my home away from home, and it’s the 1 place that I just know that I can afford to live. Even knowing all that, I have still put in applications for Crater Lake and Zion and Badlands…none of them pay as much as I get now, it would take time and money to arrive at each location, it would take money to re-buy anything that I couldn’t pack to take with me…

Usually most “debt-gurus” will tell you to keep track of where you spend every penny for a week or 1 pay period…depending on how often you get paid. I know where my money goes…amazon and eating out. You see even though I have a nice kitchen at home, I have to many darn housemates so I have no real space to put food or cookware. And most of them are asleep and want the house to stay quiet when I get up in the mornings and/or don’t want to smell food at night either. Which is why I go sit in McDonald’s on Mondays when I am off work.

Maybe instead of worrying about budgets and saving money, I just need to think of staying in 1 spot for awhile. So I really hope I get a job in the village and live in Brandt Hall again. That really would solve some financial issues. Oh and the rent would be the same in the dorm as it is in my house now. The jobs inside the park will be with the same company, going through the same HR office, so if I ever do wander around the country later, it won’t look like I transferred jobs on paper. Yes, hiring managers around the country hate the fact that I can move around so much.

Drinks for Cold Weather

Well the sun was shining, but it was still cold and breezy all day. I walked home from work at 8:30pm. My phone said it was 17 degrees outside. Now I just want some tea and curl up with a book until I can fall asleep.

I have tomorrow off from work, so I plan on going to one of the local hotel/ restaurants for a breakfast buffet..where they will make Omelets to order. I have been craving an omelet for quite awhile..

EDIT: (1/22/2018) It was a bit nippy (7 degrees) out this morning,  but I still went out for breakfast.  The Omelets were so worth it.

My Hardest Diet

After my friend, Richard, mentioned that he was going on a low-carb (keto) diet; I found some old posts that I had made on another website about being interested in different low-carb diets. I guess that I was doing my own research about it years ago.

Obviously I wasn’t all that serious about it then because I never gave up the carbs, and never lost much weight for any good length of time. With all my digging through my old writings, I could only find my lowest weight to be about 155# and that was back in 2009. I have about 25-30 pounds to lose to get back to that weight. 155 is not my ideal fantasy goal weight, but at this point in my life it would be nice to see that number on the scale again.

Well Richard, you definitely got me thinking about keto diets again. My wifi connection at home doesn’t want to stay online for more then a few minutes at a time, but I was able to download a few kindle books about keto diets. I also skimmed through some interesting websites called “ditchthecarbs” and “dietdoctor”.

While I was homeless in Georgia, most of what I ate was carbs. I ate enough carbs to last me a lifetime. It seems like homeless people should never starve to death with all the free food (mostly carbs) given to them every day. Hey I didn’t say that they would end up healthy…just that they won’t starve. Actually even a poor person with no money to buy their own food can still gain weight while homeless in Georgia.  I know because I gained over 20#.

Now that I am no longer in Georgia,  I have been eating more salads and putting fresh produce in a Blender. Sorta making up for being deprived of the really good stuff.  I ain’t saying that my diet is now perfect because it’s far from it. I will still mindlessly eat a bakery product without even thinking or crave a milkshake….which I found out this morning has about 60 carbs in it. 

I used to have a boss that had to remind me to FOCUS about every other day. Well now I just need to remind myself to stay focused on this diet. If I keep snacking on the same things all the time, we’ll then of course the numbers on the scale will continue to go up & down like a yoyo. Believe me, there are reasons why this website is called yoyoliving.

So far today, I have done pretty good.  The Schwan’s truck stopped for one of my housemates.  I ran out to catch him before he left, so I could buy the frozen broccoli with cheese sauce. It was my favorite veggie to eat when I lived at Desert View.  I would of liked to buy some of the Alaskan salmon and cod (unbreaded) but I don’t own any pans to cook them on. Right now I am going to heat up a cup of water to dissolve a chicken bullion in. My mom used to give that to me when I was sick as a kid…and my annoying cough is still lingering.

Have a Sunny-Day everyone 

My Week

After returning home from Flagstaff, I went to the clinic inside the national park.  I found out that I have an ear infection along with the flu. Seeing as I had the flu so long before coming into the clinic there wasn’t much they could do for it. But I did get a 3-day supply of antibiotics for the ear infection. It was a new medicine and not very effective in my opinion. But I found some old outdated amoxicillin, that must have been when I went to the dentist years ago. Yes, you ain’t supposed to keep medicine for 1.5 years, it supposedly loses its effectiveness.  But I am now taking 1-2 a day and it helps with the ear pain.

Sunday was slow at work, so I got sent home after 3 hours. Well home was the last place I wanted to be because my roommate had the day off and she was home. I ended up going to “The Grand” to see Kimmy while she was working in the bar. I had a yummy dinner of salmon and southwest potato skins, and 3 beers.

Today (Monday…my usually day off) I have been sitting in McDonald’s for about the last 6 hours, just so I don’t have to be home with my roommate again. We both always get Monday off from work. At least the wifi works better here then it does at home.
So while I am here I got lunch: Chicken bacon Ranch Salad and Strawberry Shake. No wonder I can’t lose weight.