I am calling 2017, the Rollercoaster year…So many twists, turns and unexpected events. Ironically I started 2017 in a remote area of the Grand Canyon National Park without a car and I ended the year in the little community outside of the Grand Canyon without a car. The stuff that happened in between those 2 locations would take to long to type. 

My 9 months in Georgia wasn’t all bad. Met a few unforgettable people and saw some wonderful sights. And I can say now that I survived a hurricane. 

Hopefully 2018, will be better financially so I can get another car…or if I dare dream then a minivan that I can make into a living space. Right now I share a home with 7 other girls and I need space to myself. 

I probably won’t be posting different stuff a dozen times a day on facebook this year. Do you ever get the feeling that you are just tired of social media? It’s like…what’s the point of it All? Instead,   I hope to spend some serious time writing a novel this year. Hmm, what year did I first think of That?