Even if I had been sleeping under a rock for almost a year, I would still know that it’s a new year just from looking at my emails. I have notices from Diet Center, diet-to-go, Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople, nutrisystem and some news articles from Prevention magazine about health and  others that I can’t remember right at the moment. 

Losing weight seems to be thee top goal for alot of people.  I know that I have spent many years telling myself that I was gonna lose weight. I will lose a few pounds and then gain them all back whenever my life gets interrupted with other things. Last time I got weighed the scales said I was at 188#. 

While I was homeless in Georgia, last year, I ate tons of free carbs. People donate so much food to the homeless and it was usually carbs…bagels, donuts, cupcakes, sandwiches,  crackers, chips, and muffins.  I didn’t think that I would ever want to see another muffin or bagel ever again once I left Georgia , but I finally bought a package of bagels last week. Eating all those carbs while in Georgia is ( I believe) how I gained over 20#.

I have a friend on Facebook that is trying a keto diet right now. I think he is only planning on staying with this diet for 2 weeks, but it will be interesting to see what he thinks of it later. The idea of a Keto diet is to force your body into burning your stored fat. For it to work you have to be pretty strict because the body much prefers burning carbs

Personally I can never follow any diet plan exactly the way it’s set up. Either, I don’t have certain foods on hand and/or kitchen space available.  Yes, now I live in a house with a good size kitchen…but all the space is taken up by all my housemates. I use 1 small cupboard in the whole kitchen for my blender,  dishes and food. So as you can imagine,  I don’t eat at home much. 

This is what I had posted one morning on facebook.  I called it “breakfast in a Blender “. Its about the only way I eat at home. My daughter says I should add apples to my smoothie,  but since I had my top teeth removed I just never think of apples. But while I am in Flagstaff this weekend,  I need to buy more spinach and lemons.  One morning a couple weeks ago, I decided to try kale and beets  instead of spinach. My poor roommate asked where I got the alfalfa and wondered where was I keeping the horses. OMG, that drink really smelled bad and I won’t be buying kale again.

Now smoothies are my kind of diet. This is something that I could realistically  do everyday. I like them because they are REAL food…mostly fresh fruit and veggies.  The blender (and my 2 coffee mugs) fit into the one and only cupboard that I use in the kitchen.  Sometimes I just make a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, banana and coconut milk.  Not so sure how “real” the protein powder is but it is so yummy. Definitely taste better than kale. 

While Richard has to worry about grams of carbs on his keto diet. I just want to enjoy REAL food….in any amount. Anyone on any low-carb diet would freak out over having a banana almost every morning. Long before diets books were ever written, people used to enjoy REAL food. If food don’t taste good then I would rather go without a meal.