I am staying in a Super 8 motel, within walking distance to the Super Walmart in Flagstaff, for a few days. I decided that I needed to get a few items to try and get rid of my Winter Crud. I can’t remember the last time I had such a cold before now, but I know that I don’t want to have another one after this is gone.

I got 3 different teas…all with ginger in them. If I don’t like them maybe my roommate will. My roommate went to the clinic in the national park and was diagnosed with bronchitis. There are 7 women living in the house and I think 4 of us are sick. Great time for the heater to break at home.

This motel is right next to a cracker Barrel, and some Outback Steakhouse is down passed that, but I don’t have anymore energy to go back out. I don’t usually eat processed soup, but while I am sick and staying in a motel the soup will be good enough.

I already had Halls cough drops and Ibuprofen so I didn’t buy anymore..I should of bought lemons but I didn’t want to carry anything else. Besides my store in Tusayan sells lemons so I can just get them there. We just don’t have a big selection of health/first aid stuff. Hopefully my roommate doesn’t mind the smell of the VaporRub. My mom used it for me and my brothers alot when we were little and I love the smell. But my roommate has a sensitive nose and doesn’t like strong smells.

I tried out my new thermometer and it seems that I don’t have a fever.. 98°. So I just need to get rid of my headache, runny nose, phlegm and nagging cough. I probably should have gotten more Mucinex. Seeing as I told my boss that I would see a doctor while I was in Flagstaff, I will probably stop in the ER at the hospital tomorrow just so I can get an official “sick note” for work.