After returning home from Flagstaff, I went to the clinic inside the national park.  I found out that I have an ear infection along with the flu. Seeing as I had the flu so long before coming into the clinic there wasn’t much they could do for it. But I did get a 3-day supply of antibiotics for the ear infection. It was a new medicine and not very effective in my opinion. But I found some old outdated amoxicillin, that must have been when I went to the dentist years ago. Yes, you ain’t supposed to keep medicine for 1.5 years, it supposedly loses its effectiveness.  But I am now taking 1-2 a day and it helps with the ear pain.

Sunday was slow at work, so I got sent home after 3 hours. Well home was the last place I wanted to be because my roommate had the day off and she was home. I ended up going to “The Grand” to see Kimmy while she was working in the bar. I had a yummy dinner of salmon and southwest potato skins, and 3 beers.

Today (Monday…my usually day off) I have been sitting in McDonald’s for about the last 6 hours, just so I don’t have to be home with my roommate again. We both always get Monday off from work. At least the wifi works better here then it does at home.
So while I am here I got lunch: Chicken bacon Ranch Salad and Strawberry Shake. No wonder I can’t lose weight.