My Week

After returning home from Flagstaff, I went to the clinic inside the national park.  I found out that I have an ear infection along with the flu. Seeing as I had the flu so long before coming into the clinic there wasn’t much they could do for it. But I did get a 3-day supply of antibiotics for the ear infection. It was a new medicine and not very effective in my opinion. But I found some old outdated amoxicillin, that must have been when I went to the dentist years ago. Yes, you ain’t supposed to keep medicine for 1.5 years, it supposedly loses its effectiveness.  But I am now taking 1-2 a day and it helps with the ear pain.

Sunday was slow at work, so I got sent home after 3 hours. Well home was the last place I wanted to be because my roommate had the day off and she was home. I ended up going to “The Grand” to see Kimmy while she was working in the bar. I had a yummy dinner of salmon and southwest potato skins, and 3 beers.

Today (Monday…my usually day off) I have been sitting in McDonald’s for about the last 6 hours, just so I don’t have to be home with my roommate again. We both always get Monday off from work. At least the wifi works better here then it does at home.
So while I am here I got lunch: Chicken bacon Ranch Salad and Strawberry Shake. No wonder I can’t lose weight.


  1. Yep, with that diet you will never loose significant weight. Why? Way too many carbs and sugars. It takes your body a lot of time to use those BEFORE it turns to consuming your stored fat (which is required to loose weight). If you truly want to slime down you have to pass on potatoes, bread, beer, sweets and focus on protein, fat (yes fat) and “above ground” vegetables with low or zero carb content. If you do this your body will more quickly start using the stored fat and in a few weeks you’ll be amazed at the changes. Now if you think you’ll just exercise more – forget it. It would take an enormous amount of exercise to remove the same amount of fat lost through a better diet. Good luck!

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