After my friend, Richard, mentioned that he was going on a low-carb (keto) diet; I found some old posts that I had made on another website about being interested in different low-carb diets. I guess that I was doing my own research about it years ago.

Obviously I wasn’t all that serious about it then because I never gave up the carbs, and never lost much weight for any good length of time. With all my digging through my old writings, I could only find my lowest weight to be about 155# and that was back in 2009. I have about 25-30 pounds to lose to get back to that weight. 155 is not my ideal fantasy goal weight, but at this point in my life it would be nice to see that number on the scale again.

Well Richard, you definitely got me thinking about keto diets again. My wifi connection at home doesn’t want to stay online for more then a few minutes at a time, but I was able to download a few kindle books about keto diets. I also skimmed through some interesting websites called “ditchthecarbs” and “dietdoctor”.

While I was homeless in Georgia, most of what I ate was carbs. I ate enough carbs to last me a lifetime. It seems like homeless people should never starve to death with all the free food (mostly carbs) given to them every day. Hey I didn’t say that they would end up healthy…just that they won’t starve. Actually even a poor person with no money to buy their own food can still gain weight while homeless in Georgia.  I know because I gained over 20#.

Now that I am no longer in Georgia,  I have been eating more salads and putting fresh produce in a Blender. Sorta making up for being deprived of the really good stuff.  I ain’t saying that my diet is now perfect because it’s far from it. I will still mindlessly eat a bakery product without even thinking or crave a milkshake….which I found out this morning has about 60 carbs in it. 

I used to have a boss that had to remind me to FOCUS about every other day. Well now I just need to remind myself to stay focused on this diet. If I keep snacking on the same things all the time, we’ll then of course the numbers on the scale will continue to go up & down like a yoyo. Believe me, there are reasons why this website is called yoyoliving.

So far today, I have done pretty good.  The Schwan’s truck stopped for one of my housemates.  I ran out to catch him before he left, so I could buy the frozen broccoli with cheese sauce. It was my favorite veggie to eat when I lived at Desert View.  I would of liked to buy some of the Alaskan salmon and cod (unbreaded) but I don’t own any pans to cook them on. Right now I am going to heat up a cup of water to dissolve a chicken bullion in. My mom used to give that to me when I was sick as a kid…and my annoying cough is still lingering.

Have a Sunny-Day everyone