I rolled out of bed at 7am, after playing games on my tablet for awhile. Still had to be quiet so that my roommate could sleep. So I went to the kitchen to heat water in the microwave for coffee…decided to add a little Swiss Miss Chocolate powder to my coffee. Usually 1 packet of chocolate powder goes into 4 cups of coffee so it lasts awhile.

My roommate got up, dressed for work and was out the door around 10:35am. By noon I figured that most of the housemates would be gone to work so I warmed up some soup in the microwave and started my laundry.

Around 2:30pm, after remaking my bed, I finally decided to jump in the shower. With the house to myself I actually had time to shave my legs without worrying about anyone knocking on the bathroom door. For now, (until my schedule gets changed next week) Tuesday’s has been the only day I allowed myself that luxury. Good thing that I don’t own any shorts right now.

With nobody around to complain about the smell, I took the time to change my nails polish. Took off the teal color and am now wearing very pale pink (almost clear). At least the color is light enough so nobody can really tell if I did a sloppy job of putting it on. I don’t have lots of practice wearing nail polish.

Now I am thinking of watching a DVD movie. I have Home Alone 3, which I have never seen. I’m a little skeptical about it being as good as the first two. But hopefully it will be good for a few laughs. Hopefully the store is busy today or else my roommate might get sent home early before my movie is over.

So If anyone is looking for me online anywhere, sorry you won’t find me because I will be held up in bed snacking on pork rinds and coconut water while watching a movie.