( Wednesday) Was the ground moving, was I moving? Before I could figure out what was going on I found myself laid-out on the snowy driveway. This happened twice on my way to work. I had a headache and sore knee by the time I arrived at work.

My supervisor found out I was dizzy and fell on the way to work so he had a co-worker drive me to the clinic in the park. I had just been there 2 weeks earlier for the flu and an ear infection. Now I got a case of vertigo which the doctor suspects was brought on from the ear infection. I had been given an antibiotic called “Azithromycin”. On the information paper that came with the antibiotic, it mentioned allergic reactions…and guess What! Severe dizziness was on the list of reactions. So did the ear infection cause it like the doctor assumed or was it caused by the medicine he prescribed? Or was it just me being the usual clutzy scatterbrain that I am?

The co-worker took me back to work, so I could give the supervisor the note saying I could return to work in 2 days. Hopefully, I get paid for 2 sick days. While I was at the store, I bought ice cream and Gatorade because the doctor told me to stay hydrated while I rested at home. Somehow on the walk back home I did something to my foot/ankle. It hurt like hell to move or even flex my toes.

When my roommate got home a few hours later, she lent me some aspercreme with lidocaine to rub all over my ankle. WOW that stuff worked great. I even ordered some on amazon for under $7. While I was on amazon I started looking for other stuff that I thought I needed and/or wanted. I was surprised at how fast I can come up with an order for $100. I ended up deleting half the order. One good thing about terrible wifi service…gives you time to change your mind about shopping online before you get the chance to click a button that will send an order in.

It was just a few days ago that I was thinking about budgets and saving money. Well I did admit before that my money usually went to Amazon and food eaten out somewhere. Not much I can do about the food issue at the moment, but I really need to get my online shopping under control. If my wifi connection would stay on long enough, I could check my bank account to see exactly what I spent at Amazon this month…but that will have to wait until my day off when I can use McDonald’s wifi.

(Friday/Payday) I just checked for my paycheck online. Wow was I ever surprised… $434.17 for 1 week. Someone messed up somewhere. $10.50 X 40/hrs==$420 before rent and taxes are taken out. So how in the world did I get more? I will find out when I go into work today at 1pm, and receive the actual paycheck stub. But I am hoping that they don’t it out of next week’s check to correct their mistake. Actually I will have to put in for 2 sick days.