(Sunday) Jess had gotten here around November 11, 2017, after 1.5- 2 weeks working in Wickenburg. She was supposed to be a supervisor in Starbucks but she ended up breaking her leg and having to work in the general store as a cashier. But she wasn’t happy living in Tusayan so she put in her 2-week notice after getting another job offer in Oregon. Then a few days later I heard her mention that the 2-month job got moved to somewhere in Northern California. After that job, I think she still plans on working in the Tetons for the Summer. Well Jess finally left (before the 2 weeks notice was up). Geez, and my family complains about me being flighty/irresponsible and moving around so much…lol.

The picture above is of Jess, when she came into the store on a day off. The cashier is another housemate that has been here 2.5 years.

My roommate, Arlene, has a job offer to work in Shenandoah National Park for a long Summer season. So she will be leaving around February 24th. She has to drive up to Washington first to get her Summer clothes before she meets a friend in Colorado and they both drive across the country to Virginia.

So for now I will have Tuesday and Wednesday off, instead of Monday and Tuesday. So today should have been my Friday but I will have 1 extra night to work before my weekend. Unfortunately it won’t count towards overtime because the pay week ends tonight. Oh, Oh, if anyone is wondering about the extra money on my last paycheck…it was because we got holiday pay for Marin Luther King DAY. I didn’t realize that was a paid holiday before.

Arlene let me know that because Jess is gone and she plans on leaving in less than a month. Emma and Sandra will be moving into the new Starbucks housing soon. That she overheard some of our company bigwigs talking about getting some international kids in to work for a 3-4 month season, starting February 21st. So far I have not heard anything about the jobs I applied for inside the national park yet.

(Tuesday) Oh so thankful for a day off. Even if the only productive thing I do all day is laundry. Last evening while at work I wasn’t feeling good, so I am just taking it easy today. Because I wasn’t feeling well at work yesterday I forgot to ask about getting sick pay for the 2 days I missed, which means that the next paycheck will be alot smaller. Emma and Sandra are both cooking lunch now, so they either worked an early morning shift or have the day off also.