Day Off at Starbucks

Seeing as the USB cable (that I bought 2 months ago) stopped charging my phone or tablet 2 nights ago, I had to walk up to the store to buy another cable. I went into the connecting #starbucks to charge my phone.

It was so early and snowy outside, there wasn’t any customers at first. Later a big family came in ordering maybe a dozen different drinks. I would go nuts if I had to make a dozen different coffee drinks at the same time. I just know that I would get them all mixed up.



Just a random couple that came in. They were checking out travel brochures while having some coffee drink. The wet weather probably but a damper on whatever plans they had originally made for their time here. I had tried the “Coconut Vanilla Latte” before, but today I decided that I will stick to my plain black coffee.


I did enjoy a breakfast wrap while I charged my phone and typed this post today from my phone. It has spinach, feta cheese and egg whites inside. I couldn’t find the nutrition value of this on the Starbucks website, but probably more carbs then I need.

I have lost about 12 pounds since I arrived here after Thanksgiving weekend, probably lost most of it this year after cutting out most of the carb crap that I used to eat. Oh I still have moments where I crave carbs (obvious by my breakfast wrap).

Well my phone is all charged now, so I will get ready to go back into the store to buy things for lunch and then walk home again. For the moment it has stopped snowing outside. But rain and snow mixture are in the forecast all week.


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