When so many companies pay every other week, you got to love a company that pays every week. There must of been a holiday that I forgot about last week because when I checked my bank account this morning I noticed my paycheck deposited more than I expected.

There are 5 paydays in the month of March, and a total of 12 paydays before I want to go on a mini vacation to attend a graduation in Nevada. That means I have 12 weeks to save money to get another car. I will need a car to attend graduation.

I am hoping 12 weeks should give me plenty of time to save enough money to get a nice SUV or mini-van. I want something that allows me to remove the back seats, giving me more space to camp-out in. I have already been checking out vehicles on Craigslist and some local car dealers online to see what they had available.

We got 4 new workers in the general store this week. 3 girls from Ecuador and 1 guy from Kingman, AZ. The girls will only be here for 2 months. I usually like working with the international kids, but it sometimes seems like it’s alot of hassle doing training and all the “Red tape” paperwork for someone who is only here for 2 months. I have been working here for 3 months now and there is stuff that I still don’t know how to do.

Hopefully my hours don’t get cut at work after the boss makes out next week’s schedule. We have 4 cash registers (only 3 work) and now have 6 cashiers. Maybe later some of them will be put onto the morning schedule instead of the closing schedule.

I am calculating my future paychecks from working a full 40/hour week. $10.50×40=$420/weekly -minus- taxes(about $32) & rent ($30). So my take home pay should be around $352 at the most. Course I never get exactly 40 hours a week..more like 35-39 hours. So as long as I see $300 or more on a paycheck, then I count it as a good week. Actually whatever amount I get over $300, I treat as an extra bonus…to go out to eat, or use as a gift for myself or someone else. The $300 every week is what I am hoping to save towards the next car. So $300×12=$3,600 plus the $1,500 that is already saved in the bank. $3,600+$1,500==$5,100 should get me a vehicle that will last longer then the last 2 cars I owned.

Today my bonus money will go for instant coffee, as I only have enough for a couple more cups. I am going to end this post and go have another cup of coffee now. Also I will go zap some more broccoli with cheese in the microwave. Ha, broccoli for breakfast…now if that ain’t proof that I ain’t normal then nothing else I do is either.