Usually when guests come into the store and ask if they can get money back with their card, I wonder why they even need cash. Unless you’re going to the laundromat or buying stamps in our post office then I can’t really see why you need cash. Whatever you need to use cash for can be paid for with your bank card.

Well earlier this month, maybe around the 4th, I tried to dispute a charge on my bank card. On the 6th, the bank decided to freeze my account till they could figure it all out. So for the last 15 days I have not been able to use my card. The bank sent me a message saying that they reimbursed me the $45 that I disputed and will send me a new card. I’m glad to get the $45 back into my account but it always takes forever to get my mail from the bank… then when I sent message to bank to tell them that I have not received my new card, so they frozen that one also.

FYI: always keep your bank updated EVERYTIME you change your mailing address.

Well I guess that’s one way to save money. I am on the work schedule 6 days this week and that paycheck will just sit in the bank until I will be able to go grocery shopping again. Hmm, I will have quite a few paychecks just sitting in the bank. Wonder what I will do with all that, once I get to use it.

I snapped this picture of my coworkers, earlier this week. The customer is one of my housemates. She works in the new Starbucks. My work schedule is all screwed up this week.

Monday: 9:30-3:30 (6 hours)

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 2:30-8:15 (5.75 hours)

Thursday: 3-10 (7 hours)

Friday: 1:30-8:30 (7 hours)

Saturday: 1:30-9 (7.5 hours)

Sunday: 1:30-8:30 (7 hours)

6 days for total of 40.25 hours

At least I have 2 days off on next week’s schedule. But without being able to use my debit card to go anywhere, all I can afford to do is work or sleep.