Living in a national park and working for one of the concession companies that run hotels, gift shops and restaurants at these locations can be a good way to see the country. It can be a great way to meet people from other countries that you might never get to see. Where can you work and get to talk to someone from your hometown (on the other side of the country) and 10 minutes later be talking to someone from Iceland or Belgium…and your coworker is from Ecuador? Well, at any national park obviously.

If anyone reading this wants to work around the country in a national park then do a google search for “Xanterra”, “Forever Resorts”, “Aramark Parks”, or “Delaware North”. Those companies also have jobs in places all over the country and some jobs that are not in national parks…but if you need employee housing then you will need to look for the jobs in remote places that are usually just in parks. At the South Rim of the Grand Canyon you would look for Xanterra and Delaware North. On the quieter North rim of the Grand Canyon you would search for jobs with Forever Resorts. You can transfer to different locations within the same company or switch to other companies..depending on where you want to be. Unfortunately they all usually force you to share living space with total strangers.

At the moment, I have a bedroom to myself (my last roomie left in February). I am trying to organize my room before I get assigned another roomie…still hoping that won’t be for awhile. At this moment I have a bunch of my stuff thrown onto the other bed while I figure out what to do with it. While I have the room to myself, I get to watch movies late at night or get up super early if I want, without disturbing anyone. When you share a room you need to be considerate of someone else’s space and their need for sleep. (I don’t sleep much which can mean that I am a terrible roommate).

I get to use half a closet and 3 drawers in the dresser. I should order some bed risers to make more space underneath my bed to store boxes. I will need the extra space to store my craft supplies. I have more craft items arriving in the mail later this week.

Every so often, I ask myself, if I had to leave tomorrow then what would I take with me. Well that’s phone, tablet, and few pictures fit in my purse, my camera would hang around my neck (I tell airport workers that it’s just a huge necklace) and whatever work clothes that’s needed will fit into my one small suitcase. Actually I have noticed that my suitcase is pretty beat up, so eventually I will need a new one, but everything else I could live without. I have had lots of practice walking away from most material things. No matter how much I like something and no matter how much money I spent on it. They are all just things and are all replaceable. But seeing as I know that I ain’t really leaving anywhere tomorrow I am hanging onto more stuff then I really need.

Took this picture about a month ago, while walking home. I live in the 2nd home where Emma’s white jeep is parked. We are just outside the campground in Tusayan. You would think that living close to a campground near a national park would be noisy with tons of traffic, but so far this area is not bad. Actually I like seeing all the different types of rigs that people camp in and travel around with.

Today is a day off and I should hop on the shuttle to go grocery shopping in the bigger store inside the park and get some new pictures of Mather Point, but I don’t really feel like dealing with a crowd of people today. Beside I slammed my foot into the edge of my bedroom door this morning, when I was trying to get into the bathroom before anyone else got up and my toes still hurt when I tried to put my sneakers on.

So instead I will be having a lazy day at home. Lunch was nothing fancy, not even worth a picture. But it was yummy. Now I will relax with DVD movies and crafts.

OH, OH, one of my housemates came home from work today and started packing. Sara works in the post office inside our store plus she got a 2nd job at the pizza place next door. Not sure if she is just moving into another house and will keep both jobs. I am sure I will find out later when I return to work on Thursday.