I Ain’t Sugar-Coating Nothing Today

I have been told many times that I can be harsh, and I need to tone down my sarcasm. Well my response to that is “I don’t work at Dunkin Donuts, so I ain’t sugar coating anything”, or I will repeat one of my dad’s sayings “Use your head for something besides a hat rack”. Usually it’s my response when someone asks something for a zillion times or says something that makes absolutely no logical realistic sense. I used to ask my mother “do you want me to give you an HONEST answer or a NICE answer…cuz they won’t be the same”. So because some people can’t handle my comments in public forum diet groups online I decided to post them on my own page here.

Sooo if you are on any diet (and it doesn’t matter which one) the diet rules and guidelines say “eat foods #1,#2,#3 and don’t eat foods #4,#5,#6”. I really don’t wanna hear that you have no idea on what to eat, because if you had read the rules before you announced that you were on the diet than you would already know what to eat. Yeah you get bored with foods #1,#2 and #3 or you are addicted to food #4 and wake up in the middle of the night craving it. Well then eat the damn thing but then don’t tell me that you are following the diet because you ain’t.

And if giving in to your cravings makes you gain weight, don’t come whining to me saying that you have no idea why you gained. Some people can’t handle any diet without a scheduled cheat day. They need a yummy treat to look forward to. Well if any diet is any good, then why would you cheat yourself of its rewards…lost weight, better health, smaller clothes?

I stopped buying bags of sugar many years ago. I don’t even know what sugar costs in the store, where I work. I have a container of honey that I bought in January when I was sick, I thought I would use it in my tea, but nope I never opened it. Now if you raise bees and collect fresh honey from your own beehives then I would say you got real honey. That stuff I bought is just man-made crap. I grew up in New England, where people will tap trees every year to make their own maple syrup. While it’s all sugar, it’s also REAL. Not like the watered-down crap full of mystery ingredients that you find in alot of stores.

Most diets tell you to cut down/ limit processed crap…usually it means, stop stuffing your face with sugar, bad carbs and things full of man-made chemicals. Basically learn to eat real food. How can you live without some items that come packaged in a Box? Well, the same way your great-great grandparents did.


But, you claim that real food is bland and boring. So what? Get used to it! Your taste buds will survive. Quite a few members of my family are diabetic and during one of my pregnancies my doctor was worried about me developing the disease. Doctors usually tell people with diabetes to limit sugar or use some fake alternative. Have you ever done a Internet search for “Sweet & Low” or “Equal” or “Splenda” or any of the other mysterious artificial sweeteners? OMG, that stuff can be worse than sugar.

Something from that list above can be found in most packaged food. I have noticed that the above list missed a few sweeteners, Oh well hopefully you get the idea.

I have worked in nursing homes, some restaurants and now I work in a general store. Sometimes it amazes me what some people call a meal. I can’t understand when I see huge obese people load up plates or shopping carts with what I call junk and then they feel the need to top it off with a super sized diet soda. I just can’t wrap my brain cells around it, to understand why they are eating like that. As if a giant diet soda will make all their other crap alright. Hey, I might be a weirdo for slicing up lemons to put into my water bottle and then adding a couple cap-fulls of apple cider vinegar. But I will take my weird drink any day over any diet soda. I have never liked the taste of diet sodas, on the rare times that I tried them years ago and they made my stomach hurt for hours.

At this time, I am following quite a few diet groups on facebook and even more diet groups on Sparkpeople. I now have about 3 dozen books downloaded onto my tablet about those diets. I’m not sure how to really classify my eating. I usually just tell people that I am picky, without explaining any diet.

Like most people, there are sugary food items that I like the taste of: ice cream, junior mints, mentos, and reese’s pieces. But I can’t even say half the ingredients in those and if you looked up all the side effects of each ingredient then you would see how toxic they really are. So if you are wondering what’s my go-to snack item now….well its, Pork Rinds with Guacamole. Yes, I went from sugar to salt & fat. The plain pork rinds have NO sugar/NO carbs…but lots of salt. My last roommate used to complain about my pork rinds alot.

Why does food have to contain artificial anything…artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and artificial sugars? What ever happened to eating real food? I haven’t done enough research to figure out why or when our groceries started looking like they came from a science class instead of a home economic class.

As Dad used to say: “You are what you eat. You eat junk, you become junk.”


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