One of the supervisors was let go from his job. I had worked with Andrew a few years ago at Desert View. I made jokes that he had gotten grumpy in his old age. (He is actually younger then I am) but he really isn’t a people person. Well I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed because there were to many complaints about his attitude.

We have a new cashier working in the store. It’s someone that I knew from years ago in the village. After working next to him last night I don’t expect him to last very long. He has already mentioned that his next work location will be in Hawaii. There is a new name listed on this week’s schedule. From the name, I assume it’s a Navajo lady. She starts tomorrow night.

I have started telling a few of the local people that I will be leaving soon. One guy came in and made a comment about me being at work everytime he came into the store or post office. We started joking about me living in the back office. When I tried to tell him that I would be gone in 2 weeks, all of a sudden he says “No, No…don’t tell me that I can’t handle that”. It was a rather unexpected response.

Even though last night was a bit slow at work, you can almost guarantee that someone will come into the store and be unreasonable. Maybe about 8:15pm, we had a guy come in who thought we should all jump when he snapped his fingers. By the time he was leaving, he apologized.

Today I had my phone interview for the part-time job in Maine. I got the job and have to be there by June 8th. It pays $11/hour but it’s only 24 hours a week. So the earnings will only be $264 before taxes are taken out…probably about $225 for net pay every week. So if I only bring home $900 a month, then I sure ain’t paying for any expensive New England rent. (Plus a taxi to get around town, plus utilities for the rental) All that expense would eat up my whole paycheck. I would rather just find a cheap car and live in that. Besides I can use a car to get around the college town that I will be in.

Moving to Maine will definitely decrease my bank account. I got more money in the last 2 weeks here in AZ, then I will for 4 weeks in Maine plus I get housing here in AZ. But hey, I have a habit of doing crazy stuff and moving to Maine for the Summer will definitely be crazy.

Just a random shot of me sitting in a customer’s rented car. Definitely not a car that I would want to own. But it was different and looked cool….until I had to figure out how to get in and out of it.