If you ever decide to move to a new state, you will probably want to get a new driver’s license. If you decide to buy a car after you move, then the new license might be required. At the moment my license is from GA. I am actually living in AZ but doing so without a car, so I never bothered to update it.

In a couple weeks, I am supposed to start a new job in Maine. I will need a car to travel around my new town and also a place to store any luggage while I am at work. Well I will need a Maine license in order to register and get a car inspected. Well that all takes time and time is something that I won’t have. In order for this move to really work, I need everything all in 1 day.

Without a car, it will mean that I would have to drag my suitcase all over town and into work. Now what boss wants an employee dragging their suitcase into the office everyday?

Seeing as my license is from GA, it would actually make more sense to go to GA…at least long enough to buy a car anyways. Then everything could get done all in one day, and I wouldn’t have to worry about where to sleep.

Right now, the idea of just dragging my suitcase and carrying my camera bag to the airport in Phoenix is more then I even want to deal with. I am soooo tempted to just take my small backpack (the size an elementary kid carries to school). It would be a whole lot easier to travel, while I look for a car. I could just replace everything later…including the big digital camera. I haven’t even used it much for almost 2 years.

By carrying only the backpack, I wouldn’t need to check luggage in at the airport. Course it would also mean that I would not be taking all the black pants that I will need for the next job. They would definitely need to be replaced. I always jokingly tell people that as long as I have my phone, tablet, and debit card then that’s all I need to travel and I am so tempted to do it now. I already threw 3 shopping bags into the dumpster today. I have plans to give the crockpot, blender and mini fridge away to a friend when I leave. I will leave all my bedding and pillows in the campground laundromat the day I walk away from here.

Maybe when this trip is finished, I can make my own meme for facebook about packing up, walking away with nothing and traveling around.