I have been reading more this week, trying to finish the books in my closet before I move. I have just recently started “Time of my Life“.

Yesterday I decided to lay down in bed with only the light from my tablet shining, and read a book I had downloaded called “Maude” that my friend, Robin, had liked on the goodreads website. When I finished the story, I realized it was after midnight. Yeah I guess that qualifies as a good book, when you can read for hours and never even check the time until you finish.

I can’t stay up to read late tonight because I have to be at work at 7:00am tomorrow. I have the morning shift all week, with the latest start time on Saturday; going in at 9:00.

Seeing as I don’t get to Flagstaff often, I don’t really have a chance to browse around a bookstore for something new to read. So earlier tonight I was checking someone else’s blog where they did a review on a book called “I am the Messenger”. It sounded like it might be an interesting book and I will check later to see if I can download it onto my tablet. I will have to remember to bring my tablet with me to work, so I can use starbuck’s wifi to post this blog and search for the ebook version of that book.

Tonight I will be going through some of my downloaded books about making money from blogging. Sure I can whip out a blog, but have no idea how anyone gets paid from blogging. I have had blogs on half a dozen websites in the last 15 +/- years and never earned a cent from any of those blogs. So I am assuming that JUST typing out words on WordPress, hubpages or any other site is not how those famous bloggers get paid. So obviously I am missing something.

If I could figure out how to actually get paid real money from blogging or any online work, then it would not matter where I lived because I could make a living from anywhere I could find free wifi.