My Week in Maine

I took the picture as I was walking to my meeting with a “housing navigator “. I actually knew the meeting would be a waste of time, because I already knew that I don’t qualify for food stamps or any government help to pay for rent, and rent anywhere outside of national parks is to damn expensive. Oh yeah I posted about that before I left AZ.

But seeing as the shelter had already arranged for this meeting, I went. I ended up getting the navigator all excited about traveling and working in national parks. I even gave her the coolworks website and links to some of my blogs there

I had found a “room to rent” ad in the local newspaper for $125/week. Supposedly that’s a super good price here. I called and texted the number, it seemed like the guy renting the room started giving me a job interview…wanted to know my job history. Umm, I have money to pay the rent for the whole damn Summer, and that’s all a landlord should care about. It isn’t any of their business what tenants do with their day.

I have been staying at the shelter for a little over a week. I check in around 5pm for the night. Nobody is allowed to keep their electronics (phone or tablets) after they check in for the night. We get them back when we check out around 7-8am. It is a rule that drives me insane.

No need to worry, because I will be gone Friday (tomorrow). Thankfully I had time to stop into the little store near my son’s house today, after a career development class. It doesn’t look like much from the outside…

But the friendliest ladies work inside, making yummy treats. I had the pumpkin pie crunch today…..Sooo Good! My son said he liked the whoopee pies.


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