I arrived on Tuesday afternoon at my first stop and left Friday morning…and should have left even sooner, but that’s a whole other story and I don’t want to relive all the drama. I just know that I am in no hurry to visit the “Gulch” again.

When I worked here a couple years ago it was called “Furnace Creek”. About a year ago they changed the name and started a big renovation project. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the construction area.

My old roommate from Mt Rushmore is working here, and I came to spend some time with her. On Thursday morning, we went to the Inn ( aka..”Hotel California”) for breakfast to celebrate Dawn’s birthday. Even though I lived right near the Inn for about 7 months before, this was the first time that I ever had breakfast there. I would have liked to walk around the Inn more to get pictures but Dawn and Jeanette wanted to go home. Actually it was a miracle that Jeanette even got up that early to go out.

The Omelet had chorizo, nopales (cactus), onions, and Monterey jack cheese. Overall the food was pretty good. But not sure if it was really worth the $14 that’s listed on the menu. Jeanette paid and probably got a discount because she works at the Inn.

The above picture is Dawn and Jeanette walking ahead of me through the underground tunnel that leads to the elevator of the Inn. Supposedly there is another tunnel that will bring you out to the garden area but I have never seen that tunnel or the garden.