I arrived Monday morning (6/25) to check in with the HR office. After passing the mandatory drug test (sponge on a stick, left in my mouth for 7 minutes), I was given a room in the hotel. It seems that nobody is allowed into the employee areas until after orientation.

It’s a good size room, bigger than I expected. There is a small note on the door that lists the prices for this room. It cost $226 for 1 person and up to $246 plus tax for 4 people. Now when I think of someone in Beatty, Nevada, paying $250 for a whole month for the room that she rents than the price of this hotel room is ridiculous because at $226 a night it would cost $7,006 plus tax for a month with 31 days.

I had read some reviews about the hotel here at Stovepipe on tripadvisor before coming here. People were definitely correct about the cold a/c in the rooms. Now the room doesn’t have fancy furniture but what it does have serves it’s purpose. Maybe because I actually like to keep my surroundings rather basic anyways, I am not quite as picky as some of the reviews that I read online.

My only complaint is that the housekeeper forgot to dust or use the toilet brush in the toilet. I assume that nobody has stayed in this room for a few days, but it just shows that housekeepers need to check every empty room to do little touch ups. If a paying guests had gotten this room instead of a new employee, then I would be reading more negative comments on tripadvisor.

I had house salad, southwest wrap with fries for my first lunch here. Service was a bit slow today but the food was good. Luckily I had a voucher for lunch because it would have cost a guest about $20. I didn’t get a picture of dinner, but I had chicken and a small spare ribs both with BBQ sauce. I also got 4 stuffed dates for the appetizer. That dinner would have cost me over $34 if I didn’t have a voucher.

Somehow I got in the habit of keeping track of gas prices when I travel around. This picture is from Stovepipe. I had just spent a weekend in Beatty, where gas was $3.03. Down at Furnace Creek gas cost the most of any place that I have seen at about $4.85/ gallon. Which is $1.40 more than it was when I was working there over 2 years ago.

Just a random sign outside of the general store.

The above picture is a front view of the general store (where I will be working) and the gas pumps. A few miles down the road is the biggest sand dunes that I have ever seen. Parts of it always make me think of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, where Bugs is crawling around the desert looking for water.