Seeing as my half of the closet is blocked by a big piece of heavy furniture, I ain’t sure how I am supposed to use the closet. I just sent this picture to HR and asked them how they expect me to use the closet.

I do get to use 1 drawer in this wooden unit. The television and fridge on top belong to my roommate. I have enough space to put my cold water bottle and the thing I use to heat water for coffee.

I found a room to rent in Beatty, NV for the same price as this dorm. The room is smaller than the dorm…but I wouldn’t have to share it with anyone. I would also have a bathroom to myself instead of sharing it with 3 other people. (2 dorm rooms share a bathroom here). The room in Beatty is in a trashy trailer park…but for my own space, I am perfectly fine with trashy.