Soon after I passed Rhyolite, Nevada, I could of sworn that I heard a voice ask me “Sunni where is your camera?” The voice was loud enough that I looked over at the passenger seat even though I was in the car by myself. At first I thought I had just imagined the voice but I grabbed my phone anyways. I gave my big digital camera to my granddaughter last month. About a minute later, I came to a spot where a group of wild burros were crossing the road. So as I stopped to wait for them I snapped a couple pics. Later after I got into Beatty Nevada, I realized that it was Brenda’s birthday. A realization that made me laugh and cry at the same time.

After posting these 2 pics on facebook, another friend told me that the NPS wants to remove the burros from this area. I hope they get to stay. I’m sure if Brenda was here, then she would have talked me into getting out of the car to follow the burros around for better pictures.

I stopped into Gemas Cafe for dinner tonight. I don’t make a habit of eating Mexican food but the chicken enchiladas were good. The meal came with 2 enchiladas..already ate one before I thought to get a picture. The restaurant is slow at night because they don’t serve alcohol.

While I was eating dinner, 3 burros crossed the street. But I didn’t take that street picture until after I ate. Not sure if I will have breakfast there tomorrow.

Jeanette, if you’re reading this…I am spending the night in the parking lot here tonight.

I came up so I can attend the craft show tomorrow morning, before I have to return to Stovepipe Wells for work at 2pm. Brenda hated it when a few people at the Grand Canyon called her “craftsy” or referred to her art as a craft. But whatever you want to call it…I like checking out items from creative people.