Soon after, I emailed HR about the last room that they had given me ( check out earlier post). Someone from maintenance/engineering dept came to check out the room for themselves. Then later after I got into work, they came to give me another key for my new room. They actually let me move while I was on the clock. So yes Henry, sending an email with pictures to HR really does get results.

I was given the excuse that they had to fix the first room…well that didn’t make sense because my roommate didn’t have to move also, and they tried to move a new younger employee into that room after I moved out. I don’t think she lasted 24 hours in the room.

So for now, I have a room to myself. I was told that my new room would be getting renovated in 5-6 weeks. Which means that I will be moving again. I will be back in the motel while they renovate this room.

The door that you see next to the sink goes into the shared bathroom.

The room ain’t no palace, but I aint no fussy princess either…well I can get picky about some stuff, but the minor things that needs to be improved in this room are things that I can actually live with. Seeing as there isn’t a mattress on the second bed, I am hoping that it means that I won’t be getting a roommate anytime soon.

The cable/cords hanging down in the corner is for the free cable that is provided in every room. I don’t have (or need) a television, so if any future roommate has a television then the cable will be all hers. A friend in Furnace Creek offered me a television but I kept telling her that I didn’t need it, that I got used to living without one years ago. Sure there are shows that I like to see and when I was put into the hotel after I arrived here I watched television then. But if I have to choose between “life with tv” or “life without tv” then doing without wins every time. I don’t need the distraction, I don’t need to carry it around when I travel, I don’t need another item to dust, and I don’t need to watch hundreds of commercials telling me I need to buy a bunch of unnecessary items to fulfill my life.

The heater on the wall looks pretty beat up, but I am in Death Valley with temperatures around 120° (F) outside so who needs a darn heater anyways? Right now my phone is giving me an “excessive heat warning” for my area…umm, that should be considered normal here. I don’t really know how the early pioneers in this area could handle the heat before A/C was invented. Obviously the pioneers that I read about were stronger then I am. People nowadays have turned into big whiny babies. The counters/sink in the above picture is slightly used and getting worn out but I like it better than the new pedestal sinks that the company has replaced them with on the other side of the building (where my first room is).

Actually I could almost consider my room a palace for now, if I didn’t have to share the bathroom with the 2 girls on the other side of it. I am in room #317 and 2 Ecuador students share room #318, with a small bathroom between us.

I might not have alot of stuff in my room, but I like it that way. I actually love the open empty space. Nothing to bump into at night when I need to walk into the bathroom with the lights off..enough space to spend time doing yoga before going to work in the afternoon and not to much around that needs dusting.

My little corner of the room. The maintenance people had a white sheet hanging over the window to block out the hot sun, but I had a blue window covering that I put up over the white sheet, so that’s what you see. It does still let some light in, enough so I can tell when it’s morning time.

The elephants hanging off the dresser is actually my beach towel. Why is it that whenever we have shelves, counter tops, coffee tables, or any kind of empty space we seem to fill it up with random stuff. I know when I get home from anywhere that whatever is in my pockets goes onto the dresser. And I don’t even use the dresser for clothes.

Now if anyone wants to complain about me showing a messy bed. My response to you would be…. if you ain’t sleeping in my bed then your opinion doesn’t matter. I have a thin blanket and another pillow out in my car. Seeing as today is a day off, I should finally clean out my car.

This room cost $62.50/week or $250 for a month with 4 weeks in it. Yes it’s twice as much as I paid when I worked at the Grand Canyon and I had a kitchen to use at the canyon. But so far, I have no drama here. So I have to think of it as $125 for rent and $125 for a “drama free” location. Either way it’s a whole lot better then the $1,200 that my daughter pays in New Hampshire just for rent (her utilities cost extra).