Even though I went to bed after midnight, I woke up at 5:30am. Decided to walk down to the EDR (employee dining room) to grab something to eat. It was to early for anyone to bring out the yogurt or start the coffee or have the salad bar set up so I could not get any hard-boiled eggs. So I just grabbed an orange and made myself a peanut butter sandwich before heading back to my dorm room. Later in my room, I heated up water for instant coffee and oatmeal.

I am soooo glad that I don’t have a job that requires me to work outside for an 8 hour shift. The 2-3 minutes that it takes me to walk to the EDR to reach the time clock before and after work is usually enough time in the heat for me. Right now I am sitting on my bed near the A/C and plan on staying in my room until it’s time to go to work at 2pm. Which means I will be skipping lunch. My neighbor told me that lunch was chicken nuggets and French fries…so I didn’t miss anything special.


Last night I stayed up late watching the lightening over the mountains. Even though I should do my laundry I am being lazy sitting in the employee community room in order to use the wifi and post here. Kamila, my co-worker from Ecuador, is also here this morning.

Kamila is one of the girls in dorm room #318 that I share a bathroom with. Hmm, maybe if she is here then I should go take my shower now for work later. Usually it gets to hot outside by 7:00am, so if we ain’t at work most employees sleep late and then “veg out” in this air conditioned room using the wifi. For some reason I bought a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle before I arrived in Death Valley. It’s still in the trunk of my car, I really should leave it in this room to let all the international kids put it together.

The movie poster on the wall is one of the many movies that was filmed around Death Valley. It’s a movie I have never heard of before. There were lots of movies filmed around this park that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

Another shot of our community room. With the sun glaring through the window it’s hard to get a good picture from where I was sitting. Breanna (walking across the room) is a sweet girl who works at the hotel front desk, which is connected to the small gift shop where I usually work.