We have been short-staffed at work for awhile now, even though we finally got a new cashier yesterday. I have only been getting Mondays off. Today the food & beverage dept is offering $100 bonus (plus overtime pay) to anyone willing to come in at 10:30pm to help clean. I am not sure how long you have to clean in order to get the bonus but it’s very tempting.

I can admit that I would like the extra money on my paycheck. But not so sure that I want to work 2-10:30 in retail and then go to work till “whenever” in F&B, just so I can go home to shower, do laundry, sleep, and go back into work again at the store. Hmm, am I really that greedy for money and punishment?

EDIT: SKIPPED THE BONUS TIME..after mopping the floor in the store, my back and knees hurt so I went home after work at 10:30.

A random shot above is from inside the gift shop. I like working in there better then the general store. (Below)

The few people wearing yellow shirts are in the “Badwater Ultramarathon”. Its a crazy race to run 134 miles through Death Valley. It takes a special kind of person to run through this park.