Sometimes I wish I had the fashion style of Steve Jobs or that guy who made facebook. They always seemed to wear the same thing almost every time I see them in magazines or online..Steve wore a black turtleneck, Levi jeans and New Balance sneakers. That was his entire wardrobe for every public function that I have seen on the internet (except for the one and only pic I found of him in a suit and tie). The facebook guy usually wears blue jeans, Nike sneakers, and a plain gray t-shirt. Lately he has been seen with a long sleeve blue sweater. I wonder if he got cold or if his wife just got tired of seeing gray t-shirts every day. Both of those guys had better things to do besides shop for clothes or worry about the newest fashion trends.

Most people might get bored wearing the same outfit every day, and use excuses that they need to “dress up” for work or a night out on the town. I am sure you have heard of the phrase “Dress for Success” as if wearing expensive clothes was all it took to get (or keep) a high paying job and whatever lifestyle that comes with it. Well seeing as both guys wore jeans, a basic shirt and casual sneakers every day that must be what success looks like or maybe they prove that your success had nothing to do with your clothes, and “dressing for success” is just a bunch of bull crap that the fashion industry uses to sell you more clothes that you don’t really need.

Obviously I have more then one color in my closet. I have black and khaki colored pants and capris for work. Yes even in Death Valley, I wear a pair of khaki/tan colored pair of jeans to work sometimes. I have 3 pair of leggings to wear on my time off. I have only 7 tops (yes only seven) mostly in shades of blue and green, along with a gray t-shirt I got in Boston and a purple t-shirt I bought in Phoenix. Also 2 sleeveless dresses That I bought in Vegas, just before coming to work here in Death Valley. I have 2 jackets from the Grand Canyon that are still in the trunk of my car because I won’t need them for awhile.

When I first returned to Death Valley, last month, I went to Furnace Creek to visit a friend. She was getting ready to leave on a one week vacation. She was packing more clothes and shoes than I even owned. She even told me about an online website to order more clothes, “justfab”. It does have some fabulous clothes, but I haven’t ordered any.

It’s rather funny when I hear someone say that they hate doing laundry and/or ironing…BUT they have lots more clothes then I do and claim that they have nothing to wear.

I will usually do laundry once a week, maybe twice but only if my 2 work shirts need it. So if I am doing laundry at least every 7 days, then I really don’t need more then 7 outfits total.

But I love elephants so I couldn’t resist my new pj’s…below.

The plastic organizer hanging on my closet door is actually made for shoes but I never have that many shoes. But it comes in handy to keep all my miscellaneous bathroom supplies organized. When you share a bathroom with 3 other people I call this a necessity.