Hey, I have mentioned before that I don’t like sharing a room.

That was my roommate the first morning.

She had moved in the evening before while I was at work. Do you see the kleenex laying on the floor between the cola bottle and her fridge? That’s where she spilled her beer. That darn tissue was still there when I went to work….hours later. She just threw tissue on top of the beer puddle and went back to bed until I left for work. That wasn’t as annoying as the pieces of broken bottle she left on the floor from the night before…which I stepped on with barefeet.

She would complain if I turned to light on in the mornings…if she was home on her weekend or if she called off work for a day. She called out of work twice in the short time we shared a room. But even though she didn’t want the light on during the day, she went to sleep with the television on all night.

Anyways she moved to Beatty, Nevada. It’s 45 minutes away from here and the company actually has a shuttle to pick up employees to bring them into work. And she left her mini fridge behind…SCORE!!

So now I have a room to myself again…time to go get clothes out of the dryer. I am back to working 6 Days straight.