After spending a long day in Pahrump, it got dark outside before I could make it home. So I spent the night in Armagosa Valley (about 1/2 hour away from Pahrump and an hour away from home). I can’t see well enough to safely drive at night.

When I woke up I had breakfast inside the Longstreet Casino. Now I have driven by this place a few times but this was the first time that I had ever stopped and gone inside. As you can see I had a skillet breakfast. I had originally planned on having an omelet but they are no longer on the menu (someone ends to update their website). It’s a small restaurant but it was good.

From my table I was totally surprised to see all the ducks around the backyard. So I had to get a picture. In fact the whole backyard was a wonderful surprise. I will have to come back here on a day off to enjoy this more often.

Armagosa Valley is actually in Nevada near the border of California. Some people stay there when they visit Death Valley. I have no idea what rooms cost here but I bet it’s cheaper then inside the national park. I know my breakfast was cheaper here then it was at Furnace Creek the day before.