Sitting outside with coffee in my hand
Looking across dry barren land
Watching as the sun rises above the mountain
As the air heats up, I head for a cold water fountain.

Sometime as I do chores throughout the day,
I will see a lizard doing push-ups on the ground
Stopping to watch them without making a sound
Don’t want to scare them away.

While this place may not be paradise
It can look barren and bleak
If you ask for my opinion or advice
This park weeds out the strong from the weak

Some guests will stay behind my store to camp
They are being a real champ
Some people want to explore a canyon and hike
Don’t realize the need for water & shade will spike

My view in the morning as I have my coffee

This picture above was actually taken inside the visitor Center 2 years ago. I don’t think I ever used it in a blog before .

Seeing as this is now August…we are done with July, which is the hottest month. THANK GOD! But I still want to remember to bring in my mini portable fan today for work in the little gift shop. It was 84 degrees INSIDE the shop yesterday. While that is cooler then the outdoor temps of 120 degrees, I want a fan today.