I have daydreamed about writing a fiction novel, loosely based on my experience living and working in different seasonal locations for a few years. I have the title and can recite a summary paragraph of what I want the book to be about. But a title and a paragraph doesn’t make a book.

Bookshelf in the employee community room

So while I am living in such a remote location and a place that’s to darn hot to be outside right now, to do much of anything, I am digging out my notebooks to do some serious work on this book. Some famous author (Stephen King, maybe) says to just write every day for a short period of time…even if the writing is garbage. Just get in the habit of actually putting pen to paper every day. You can edit it later. According to Stephen King, the first draft of a book should take about 3 months to write. So I am hoping to actually get a complete draft onto paper by the end of the year ( or more realistically by my birthday next March) I realize that is a bit more then 3 months, but I also realize that I ain’t Stephen King.

Trying to write can sometimes feel overwhelming. I can only concentrate for a short period of time, then my mind wanders off to other things and by the time I get back to thinking of my novel I am struck by writers block. This month has been the first time I had even attempted to write a poem in many years. It took me less than 10 minutes to write a poem and was surprised that a bunch of people actually liked it. It frustrates me that a poem was so easy to write but an actual chapter in a novel seems impossible.

Even though my novel will be based on some experiences that I have seen, heard of, or experienced myself I am classifying this novel as fiction because my memory has gotten terrible in the last few years. Even though I have lived in different national parks off & on for over 10 years, I don’t always remember facts and details good enough to make this a non-fiction book. So I get to fluff it up with imagination.

☆ A first draft is as bad as any book will ever be. If I wait for perfection then I would never write a word

Lately I work 2-10:30pm in the store. Usually I wake up early which means I have plenty of time in the morning to relax with my coffee while watching the sun rise and come up with ideas for what should go into my novel. Not sure if my brain actually works that early in the morning but it’s worth a shot. EDIT: of course today was not a day to get up before the sunrise. I need to force myself to be in bed before midnight. Getting into a routine of going to sleep at the same time every night will help me wake up around the same time every morning. I am one of those crazy people who never sets an alarm. Actually I find alarms to be very annoying. I can’t stand listening to a constant beep,beep,beep first thing in the morning. Roommates who have had a habit of hitting a snooze button 3 or 4 times every morning also drive me crazy.

Wow, just as I was typing this post I got the idea of putting my complaint about alarm clocks into my story. I even know which character will deal with this problem. Oh excuse me but I can’t finish this post because I have to go write a scene for my novel. I noticed that if I can’t work out how to continue a scene, then I will skip it and write about something else that should happen later in the story. Hey who ever said that a novel had to be written in a certain order?