I’ve Been here at Stovepipe Wells for about 3 months now. Thanking my lucky stars to have survived through the Summer without totally melting.

Earlier this month, I went shopping in Pahrump with my friend, Cindy. I finally bought new bathroom scales (had left my old scales in AZ with a housemate). I found out that I have gained about 25 pounds in the last 3 months. HOLY COW!! I knew I had gained weight but didn’t realize that it was that much. My roomie steps on the scales a couple times a day and tells me that my scales are crazy cuz her weight can fluctuate 5-8 pounds in a day. It’s to easy to gain when you don’t have a kitchen and are dependent on the food in the employee dining room. Almost every meal has carbs…way to many carbs. Anyone who is diabetic or on any low-carb diet would have a problem living here. Today for lunch, we were supposed to have BLTs and Macaroni Salad…I skipped lunch. Dinner tonight should be Chicken Parmesan with noodles. I will eat extra chicken but skip the noodles.

There has been a few people who decided to leave here this month, and some more that are talking about leaving. I don’t understand all the reasons for their decisions. If anyone has ever worked in any other seasonal park job than they should already know that coming here would mean that sharing a small dorm room with a stranger is considered normal. Maybe that is more acceptable to someone who grew up sharing a room with siblings or someone who had been in the military. I grew up as the only girl in my family so I usually had my own room while growing up, and still like having a room to myself. While the roommate issue can sometimes be a challenge for me, the roomie that I have now is pretty cool. I really like my current roommate and really glad she returned today. She went home to Northern Montana for a week (weather in MT: 54 degrees and hailing snow)..Britni also works in the retail dept with me, but she will be leaving right after Thanksgiving to go home for the Winter.

Another problem some people have, is the remoteness of this location. As with any national park, shopping centers are miles…hours away. If you grew up in a city with exciting stuff happening all around you then you probably never learned to enjoy mother nature and entertain yourself. If you need fancy restaurants, video game stores, ritzy health spas or gyms, shopping malls, and movie theaters to fill your days off from work…what would you do if none of that was around? Well to many people that I have seen in different parks spend their time drinking and then whining about not being able to save money.

Some people aren’t flexible and can’t adapt and don’t give their location a chance to prove their greatness. (and yes, every park has a reason to be loved) They will also find and cling to just 1 or 2 other people to rely on, to keep them “grounded” for everything. BUT what happens when your anchors decide to leave? As a somewhat of a veteran in the park world, I have learned that people come and go from seasonal jobs all the time. If you ain’t used to that then you become mentally lost. You think the world is ending and you throw in the towel…or as my mother would say “You cut off your nose to spite your face”, or as I might say… “If I have 1 flat tire, I might as well punch holes in the other 3 cuz this trip is over”. Now would that really solve anything? Oh hell, NO! Not if your dream was to save enough money to buy some big priced item…like a house with land, an RV to travel around in, Retirement without stress, or whatever. Actually all 3 of those “big” items sound good to me. I came here to make money not friends

Right now I have 2 paychecks that I have not even cashed yet and another payday coming up on Friday the 28th. Guess that’s one way to save money. If I don’t cash them then I can’t spend them on stuff that I don’t really need. I could go to HR and have direct deposit set up but I like the fact of just not having the money available in any way. If it was already deposited into the bank, it would be to easy to buy junk food or more earrings from the gift shop.

Well I need to get ready for another night of work….it’s my Friday so I will try to remember to post this tomorrow. For now I need get dressed in my uniform and finish watching Food Network…today they made “troll” themed cakes on 1 episode and now they are making Halloween treats. Oooh I can’t wait to see what my roommate does for Halloween. It’s also Britni’s favorite holiday.


I had been in a good mood all day….until I walked into work. It was crazy. #1> I have always hated the registers at this store..or maybe I just hate the retail pro system that the company uses. #2> one of our gas pumps wouldn’t work…after I got frustrated enough, then a coworker put an out-of-order sign on it. Once I got frustrated with the registers I stayed frustrated for the rest of the night. I was regretting the fact that I had already agreed to trade my day off with a coworker…which meant that I had to come into work on Tuesday. Hopefully it will be better or I might wanna give my 2-week notice. JUST KIDDING…MAYBE. I am hoping to stay here until my birthday in March.

(Tueday..9/25) on the Food Network channel, 3 people have to make a dessert using hotdog buns, cactus pear, and (I think) lime juice. Never in a million years would I be able to think of a dessert using cactus or hotdog buns. Tonight’s dinner in the employee dining room was “Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry” but it ain’t so good.

(WEDNESDAY..9/26) On the food network channel, 4 kids get to end $11.50 in a grocery store to make the judges a lunch.
1 kid is making a Vietnamese sandwich and coconut curry soup, another is making lime chicken tacos with avocado salad, a third kid is making steak and Asian salad while the 4th kid is making some kind of Monte Cristo sandwich with coleslaw.

I never used to get so excited to watch cooking shows before, but now since being in the hotel I am like a kid in a toy store at Christmas time. I love the food network channel. Shows like “Bite Club”, “Guy’s Grocery Game”, “Chopped Junior”, “Cake Wars”, We have had enough employees leave here that I need to see if anyone left a television behind.