I had a great time today, even though I didn’t have a party to go to. I dressed up to go into work…and the guests LOVED It!

My first trick-or-treat were from Belgium. 2 little girls were all excited to get free candy out of my goodies bag. I loved our international guests reactions when they walked into the store and saw me at the register. Talking to them about the holiday and learning how other countries deal with our silly American tradition was sooo much fun, and posing for pics with them was better then going to a party.

I lost track of how many guests wanted pictures. I passed out candy to our costumes. Britni called it “reverse Halloween”. I also made spider cookies to bring to work for all my co-workers.

Spider cookies== double cream oreos, pretzel sticks for legs, m&m’s for eyes stuck on with chocolate frosting. Really easy to do.

I hardly ever wear makeup..and had some trouble getting it the way I wanted. It wasn’t until I left for work that I realized I forgot to finish the nose area. Oh well…I am definitely saving this costume for next year.

Other notes:

Going back to a low-carb diet.

I have gained about 30# since being here in Death Valley. I need to get those pounds back off…I have Halloween candy and cookies left and will give them away to my neighbors.