Well the a/c has been shut off for almost a week now. This morning I ordered a new quilt from Amazon (among other things)..then just my luck, after sending in my order to Amazon I was given one of our hotel blankets that a cook had been using. The cook left to go home in Oregon.

This fat owl was hanging around last week. As you can see it captured one of the local ravens and ended up having a fresh raven dinner. Strange when employees were either shocked and/or upset about it. Then I reminded them that we ate chicken for dinner in the employee dining room. It was the first time that I remember seeing an owl in the park…and it was in broad daylight.

One thing I hate about this time of year is that it gets dark way to early!! As soon as I return to work after my dinner break, it’s dark. I usually have break around 4:30-5pm. Sometimes I have a snack when I get home about 10:30pm. As soon as it’s dark, it’s also chilly outside. In the Summer, I can whine about melting in the heat but now I complain if I forget to grab a jacket on my dinner break.

Years ago (2012) I had gone to Alaska from March- July. I loved how the sun set around 2:30am and would rise again at 3am. I assume it takes a special breed of people to live in that winter with so much darkness. I am not sure how I would handle living a whole Winter there. But who knows maybe someday I will get to find out.

Well it’s Saturday (November 17th). My oldest daughter turns 36 today..she is visiting siblings in snow-filled Maine, while I am sitting in the sunshine wearing my flip flops on my day off. The employee dining room finally had bananasand yogurt again and its the first time that I have seen oatmeal for breakfast. Well my roommate should be getting up soon, as she will be leaving in an hour for a doctors appt in Pahrump. So while she is gone I will re-arrange my stuff in my part of the room.

A friend that I met in Furnace Creek, 3 years ago, arrived here in STOVEPIPE WELLS and should start work on Tuesday. Seeing as today is my day off, he invited me to go along with a group of people to go check out the “new and improved ” renovations at Furnace Creek tonight….maybe I can even buy some avocados at their store.