Well today is Black Friday. The day everyone goes crazy in shopping malls. So glad that I have no malls around me. So far, I have only had 1 guest come in and ask if we were going to have any sales for Black Friday. Sorry folks, but I doubt if any national park will be participating in the madness called “Black Friday”.

Actually my ex-husband works for a Walmart in AZ. He said that the black Friday shopping started on Thanksgiving day at 6pm…that’s just plain crazy.

No today will be the day that my boss will start decorating the gift shop into a Winter Wonderland. I told him that we were not Walmart and he had to wait until Thanksgiving was over because I was only dealing with 1 holiday at a time. I did wear a headband with a little elf hat to work tonight. I figured that seeing as Thanksgiving was over, it was time that I could move forward. Today I received a new Garth Brooks &Trisha Yearwood Christmas CD from Amazon, to listen to while I am at work.

My holiday meal was split into 3 different meals. #1 had turkey, stuffing and yummy green beans casserole. #2 was mostly dessert …pumpkin pie, apple crisp with ice cream and a few bites of leftover ham. #3 On black Friday I had leftovers of turkey and candied yams and more pumpkin pie.

Saturday (today) is my day off, so I rode the shuttle into Beatty Nevada. The shuttle driver dropped me off at the Stagecoach Hotel before he went to pick up employees for work. This casino hotel only charges $45/night for Death Valley employees.

After cashing my paycheck this morning at the hotel casino (remember I am in Nevada, today) I went to Dennys for breakfast. Where I could guarantee that my eggs were REAL. Not the “fake” processed stuff that comes in a bag or some plastic container that most restaurants use for omelets or scrambled eggs anywhere across the country. Later I want to go back in to get a pumpkin pie milkshake.

Yes I realize that the pumpkin pie milkshake is not on any low-carb diet BUT, But but, they are yummy and only available for the holiday. I know that I really need to get more serious about my diet though. I will start up again after I get back home.


My decorations for work…have no idea what colors my coworkers like, so I got the old traditional colors of red & green.