Sitting outside before work…my neighbors are laughing and enjoying my look for today.

A neighbor had gone to Vegas and brought me back a new elf hat. I couldn’t wait to wear it to work.

This is what I wore to work on was slow but it was fun getting everyone’s reaction. It’s the first job that I have had that will allow me to dress up for holidays.

When you apply to jobs, most people want to know about the benefits that the company will offer… insurance, vacation pay, and that sorta thing.

Well I now have an unwritten benefit. A benefit that isn’t even mentioned in our employee handbook. I get to dress up for holidays. For me that’s a big plus. I get to listen to all sorts of Christmas music and pass out candy canes in the gift shop. I have had past jobs where holiday socks and even holiday jewelry was not allowed while you were on the clock. Obviously past jobs were run by a Grinch and a Scrooge. Here at STOVEPIPE WELLS, I get to turn our gift shop into a Winter Wonderland.