The general manager told Nathan to go shopping for Christmas decorations for the company. We had a $300 budget and spent $327. I had no idea where all these decorations were actually going to be used.

Nathan started shopping by himself and I think he got carried away. Hopefully the boss likes decorating with teddy bears and tins of cookies. At least I found him in the store in time to direct him to the Christmas lights. But I think we forgot to buy a tree topper. We laughed when I found some ugly antler decoration that supposedly goes on top of a tree…not sure why anyone would use it though. But after putting it back on the shelf we forgot to get something that we actually liked.

My coworker, Angel, was missing her family during the holiday season and wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. But I must be magical because I turned an Angel into an elf just in time for her to rock those ears all night at work.

This is the tree in our employee dining room. The lady who takes care of the EDR, bought everyone a Christmas-y coffee mug. We all got a prime rib last night for our Christmas dinner.

Was hanging out with my neighbors…the guys were tossing around a football while we were all waiting for dinner. I liked the clouds as the sun was setting.

While the government is shut down, our park has still been busy with guests, and employees that work in the park has to relax somehow.