Life is short, or at least shorter then most of us wishes. So learn to LIVE! Do something worth living for everyday.

I have so many things that I want to do this year. The biggest 4 are

#1.Watch my granddaughter graduate in May

#2.Visit Washington or Hawaii…2 states that I have never been to before.

#3. Finish (or get very close to finishing) a semester of online college.

#4. Lose weight..enough to be noticeable and wear smaller pants

I had started 2018 in Arizona, went to New Hampshire and Maine for about 3 weeks and then came to end the year in California. Overall I am really loving my time here.

I woke up to 2019 on a sunny day. I have today off from work, and will start organizing stuff in/On my dresser after my roommate goes to work (it’s after 11:30 and she is still in bed). I really need to learn how to keep clutter to a minimum. Right now clutter is my biggest stress-maker and I want to start the new year without clutter. I am really surprised that my roommate has not complained about the clutter spread out over the top of our dresser.

Last night, a neighbor thanked me for bringing the “homey” holiday feelings to our little remote area. He said it reminded him of his childhood..which was something that he has not had for many years. He was very surprised when I told him that I had never gone to such extremes for any holiday when my kids were little. I have already started thinking about what to do for Valentine’s day. Its a day for love and I really love life at the moment.