I had to re-submit my weigh in photo for a dietbet game that I wanted to join, but for some reason was unable to download any new photos. I can take a dozen photos of my feet standing on the scales and come up with a dozen different weights. Even the 2 photos above have 2 different weights.

I can still log into the game and see how everyone else is doing, but I will be doing it on my own, during this game time. Unfortunately I don’t get the $35 refunded that I already paid to participate in this game. I will probably just have to find my own way to motivate myself without joining any future games also, because paying for something and then being disqualified for it before I can actually start is not something I want to waste money on.

I tried sending pics to dietbet on 2 different days, and it didn’t go through or get accepted. But I know that I need to lose weight with or without a team of others on any website. I need to do this for myself, so I will be my own cheer squad.

I have made many excuses, told myself to many lies…like I will start Monday or after a special occasion or whatever lie/excuse fit the moment. With every lie I would gain more weight, until I am now over 200# for the first time in my life. I am “HOPING” it’s the last time I ever see a number over 200 on the scales.