This was my lunch yesterday. The shredded steak was supposed to go into a hoagie roll but I didn’t want any bread. It also came with fries that I skipped. Dinner in our EDR (employee dining room) was spaghetti with meat sauce or pesto sauce over linguine. I skipped dinner.

Most of our employee meals are loaded with carbs. Anyone who tries to cut carbs out of their diet will almost starve here, unless you want to live on salad…and there ain’t always a bunch of options to grab at the salad bar either. I was thankful today because I found hard-boiled eggs, and fresh sliced mushrooms along with my tomatoes and salad greens in the salad bar. I was able to take the salad home and add a whole can of tuna.

It doesn’t do any good to explain my living situation and eating options on any forum site or in any Facebook group, becauseei people will automatically start suggesting food that I can’t eat (with NO top teeth, and NO kitchen of my own). I am slowly coming up with my own menus and my own diet rules.

Usually I just say that I am “tired” of eating certain food, if anyone asks me why I am skipping lunch or dinner. I guess I could actually say that I am trying to eat less carbs. I don’t want to start throwing around some name-brand diet like Keto or paleo or Atkins, because I can’t actually follow any of those 100%. So I will just do my own thing that fits into my crazy life.

Tonight is my night off from work, so I decided to try out my new Magic Bullet blender. Just had vanilla flavored alternative milk, chocolate protein powder and a banana. 3 flavors in one shake. YUMMY. Bananas don’t fit into most low-carb diets, but I like them in my shakes. Actually I am pretty sure that the alternative milk I used has more carbs then the banana.

I enjoyed drinking my dinner while watching the sunset. I went back outside just in time to see a magnificent sunset (sorry but it was better than my tablet could capture it) it looked like the sky was on fire.