When my oldest daughter was little she always wanted a chia pet for Christmas. She would see commercials on television around the holiday season and asked for one. So for many years, that was all I knew about chia seeds.

Then later when I really got interested in the vegetarian diet, I learned about using those little black seeds in food. Who woulda ever thought that the gift my daughter wanted every year was edible and really good for you. They have fiber, protein, iron, omega-3 fat, potassium and they retain water to make you feel full longer. What more could I want? They are almost the perfect way to start my day.

After a few years of reading about them, I think the first time I actually saw someone eat them was when a guest sprinkled some on their oatmeal in the cafeteria I was working in at the Grand Canyon.

Well right now, my company is renovating the kitchen. So all the employees and guests are just getting a continental breakfast. Not sure how long that will last. But most hotels that offer continental breakfast have things that I don’t want to eat now..mainly pastries and cold cereal. So this morning I made my own breakfast

It’s my chia protein shake. The banana makes it real creamy and frothy. The chia seeds thicken it up. OMG, it is so yummy. I only have 1 banana left so later in the week I will put coconut flakes and cinnamon in my shake.

If anyone reading this has any simple recipes to use with chia seeds (just remember that I have no kitchen, so nothing that requires cooking) please share them with me.